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Northern Youth Leadership New Logo Inspiration

Here are the youth designs that inspired the new NYL logo:

Isabell Moses - Wrigley, 15

Isabell’s logo showcases a vibrant, hand-drawn poster emphasizing the importance of culture, nature, and leadership. The colorful depiction of the northern lights at the top of the image signifies the beauty of natural phenomena and the unique landscape visible in the northern regions. The vibrant greens, blues, and purples create a stunning visual effect, highlighting the awe-inspiring views seen at night. Below the northern lights, a range of blue mountains with a bright yellow moon rising or setting behind them symbolizes the rugged beauty and grandeur of the natural environment. The foreground features a snowy landscape with a river flowing through it, further emphasizing the cold, pristine beauty of the northern lands. Sitting on a wooden fence in the lower left corner, the bird represents the wildlife native to the region, symbolizing the connection to nature and the environment. Prominently placed in the center, this text is artistically rendered in colorful, bold letters, signifying the focus on empowering youth and fostering leadership skills within the northern communities.

Overall, Isabell’s logo captures the essence of the northern landscape, its natural beauty, and the importance of youth leadership in preserving and celebrating cultural heritage. The use of vivid colors and strong imagery conveys a sense of pride and inspiration, encouraging young people to embrace their culture and lead with confidence.

Devin Vogel - Yellowknife/N’dilo, 19

Devin’s logo depicts a stylized eagle head, which serves as a creative outline framing a serene outdoor scene. Inside the eagle head, there is a picturesque landscape featuring a person canoeing on a calm body of water. The water is a vibrant blue, contrasting with the red canoe. In the background, there are green pine trees on the shore, signifying a natural forest setting. Above the scene, the sun is shining brightly, casting a warm, golden hue over the sky. The choice of an eagle head symbolizes strength and freedom, while the inclusion of land and a person canoeing highlights the program's focus on outdoor activities and the connection with nature. The design aims to be a unique variation from the current logo, emphasizing the adventurous and land-based aspects of the program.

Overall, Devin’s logo encapsulates the spirit of exploration, adventure, and the profound connection to nature, representing the program's commitment to fostering leadership through engaging with the great outdoors.

Kayleigh Gauthier - Fort Smith, 21

Kayleigh’s logo is a detailed representation of the Northern land, incorporating elements that hold significant meaning to the people of the North. The sky features a combination of the Northern lights and the sun, symbolizing the midnight sun, where the sky remains bright throughout the summer months. The vibrant colors of the Northern lights blend with the radiant sun, emphasizing the continuous presence of light. A prominent inclusion in the design is sweet grass, which is culturally important for many Northern communities. It represents healing, peace, and spirituality, often used in traditional ceremonies and rituals. The medicine wheel is depicted, highlighting its significance in representing health and balance. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, important elements in many Northern indigenous cultures. Water is depicted as a central element, signifying its crucial role in the ecosystem and its importance to the Northern way of life. It represents sustenance, purification, and the flow of life.

Overall, Kayleigh’s logo encapsulates the essence of the Northern landscape and the elements that are vital to the people living there. The combination of natural and cultural symbols illustrates the harmony between the environment and the traditional practices of Northern communities, celebrating their rich heritage and the natural beauty of their land.



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