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Tarek Leahy Chicot (TLC) Camp

Updated: Jun 24

Here's the description for the camp application:

Starts: September 9, 2024

Ends: September 15, 2024

Location: Kakisa, NWT

Tarek Leahy Chicot (TLC) Camp (youth of all genders, ages 10 – 18): Youth will spend a week in Kakisa and learn about climate change, health, and well-being through local Indigenous Knowledge and scientific research. This camp is in honour of Tarek Leahy Chicot, a youth from Kakisa, who died tragically in an accident in June 2023. Tarek was a young land-based leader that Steph worked with closely during their PhD and who participated in and helped lead on-the-land camps in Kakisa. This camp will invite all youth from Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation and extends the invitation to youth (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) across the NWT.

The TLC Camp will teach youth cultural skills for living on-the-land, such as hunting and harvesting, as well as integrate scientific lessons regarding community-based monitoring, impacts of wildfires, and water quality analysis.

Please read all application instructions carefully.

To apply: 

  • Please complete ALL portions of this online application form by July 22, 2024 at 5pm MST. Youth must answer all the questions fully.

  • If you require a paper copy of this application form, please contact Steph using the information below.

  • Read all application questions carefully and take your time when filling it out. Feel free to ask for help from an adult or friend. The application questions MUST be answered by the youth interested in attending.

*Applications received after July 22nd may be considered if there is still space in the camps.

Send completed paper copies to:

Northern Youth Leadership

PO Box 2392

3rd floor, 4902 49th Street

Yellowknife, NT

X1A 2P8

ATTENTION: Steph Woodworth

Phone: 1-867-686-9926

Camp Application Considerations:

  1. Deadline to apply to participate is Wednesday July 22, 2024 at 5pm MST.a. Spaces are limited, and submitting this application does not guarantee placement. Campers will be selected and notified at the beginning of August 2024.

  2. Once a child is selected for camp, the Program Coordinator will contact them regarding travel planning. a. There is no fee to register for the camp. b. NYL covers the cost of travel to and from the camper’s home community. Campers who live within driving distance of the camp will be asked to drive or carpool to reduce costs. c. Guardians will approve all flights before they are booked. Once plane tickets are booked, guardians are responsible for paying the cost of any flight changes, and/or any last minute flight cancellations if a refund is not given.

  3. Please contact Steph at the phone number or email above if you have any questions or need help completing this form. 


All youth that live in the NWT and fall within the designated ages are eligible to apply for NYL camps. We encourage all NWT youth to apply for our programming! NYL typically receives more applications than we can accommodate and youth that are not invited to participate will be put on a waitlist.  

A committee will review all applications and select participants based on the following criteria:

  1. Regional representation - NYL strives to include youth from all communities in the NWT. Typically on a trip, there is one spot per community. This is done regardless of community size because NYL has found that larger communities have more opportunities for youth.

  2. Need and access to similar programming - Camps are highly subsidized and NYL strives to include participants that do not have access to similar opportunities.

  3. Application Questions - NYL uses the application questions to determine how interested youth are in NYL programming and how engaged they will be on the trip. We request that youth fill out the questions in their own words and take their time. If needed, youth can have assistance from an adult or friend, but please ensure the answers are in the youth's own words.

Northern Youth Leadership (NYL) is a non-profit organization based in the NWT that partners to provide land-based programming for northern youth – such as camps and expeditions – at no cost to participants. Our programs prioritize safety and wellbeing, while fostering connection to self, land and community. We utilize age-based approaches to inspire, challenge and support youth to develop their land-based skills and leadership potential.

NYL strives to inspire a generation of courageous young northern leaders through land-based programming. NYL is an inclusive program and believes in the right of every youth to self identify.

NYL is a project on MakeWay's shared platform, which provides operational support, governance, and charitable expertise for changemakers. MakeWay is a national Canadian charity.

Discover the transformative power of our programs, made possible through funding from the Government of the Northwest Territories (Municipal and Community Affairs), Indigenous Services Canada, and the NWT On-The-Land Collaborative. Their support, coupled with invaluable in-kind contributions from our esteemed partners, and the heartfelt donations from compassionate individuals, fuels our mission. If you share our passion for nurturing the next generation of Northern leaders through land-based programming, we invite you to join us on this journey by contributing to Northern Youth Leadership. You can donate by visiting our website at



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