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Youth Staff Application Gana River Leadership Camp 2024

Updated: Jun 15

Northern Youth Leadership is seeking a youth staff to hire for our Gana River Leadership Camp June 24 – July 3, 2024 from the ages of 16-30. Gana River Leadership Camp is a lodge-based camp in the Mackenzie Mountains where we will be going on hiking excursions during the day with one special overnight hike. The hikes start small and we build up to summiting a nearby mountain. At the lodge youth will participate in leadership programming, learning survival and traditional skills and some other fun activities! The Lodge is located on a lake and youth will have access to swimming, fishing and canoeing. 

Position Overview

Youth staff provide support to the Program Coordinator and Project Director and are responsible for planning, leading, and implementing camp activities and experiences for youth in remote wilderness settings. This includes partaking and leading activities during the day and being available to support/assist participants during the night (if required). They will also be responsible for the general safety, development, growth, and skill achievement of the participants in their group. Youth staff, along with their team, will provide high quality outdoor educational and recreational experiences for participants that focus on core values such as; resilience, respect, inclusiveness, accountability, well-being and youth connection. Youth staff report to the Program Coordinator and the Project Director. 

For more information and to apply, click here.



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